Patent Counsel International Affairs

As Corporate Counsel at BØR Consulting, you work on the most exciting legal issues as disruptive technological innovations require creative and proactive legal guidance. You take on the challenge to think big and differently. You are collaborative and ready to partner in initiatives that influence all aspects of the business and work with partners from all over the world. As an integrated part of the team, you proactively assess legal risks and advise on products that will not only move information into the 21st century, but move information law forward as well.

Our patent team is an invigorating, inspiring team of innovators and attorneys who are passionate about future technologies and excited about resolving their ensuing legal challenges. 20th century laws don't always solve 21st century problems, and the BØR Consulting legal division crafts innovative approaches for handling some of the toughest legal challenges of the information age. Whether you're a patent attorney, an intellectual property expert or an engineer headed to law school, we let you take on unanswered legal quandaries and create new precedents. Our innovative services raise challenging questions that demand creative and practical answers. We provide those answers by working at the crossroads of the law and new technology.


  1. Counsel and educate engineering and business clients on patent-related matters
  2. Identify strategic areas for patenting, evaluate patentability of inventions and build and manage a world-class patent portfolio
  3. Evaluate and act on third-party patent threats and potential patent acquisition and licensing opportunities
  4. Negotiate and draft patent-related provisions in commercial agreements


Minimum qualifications:

  1. JD degree and licensed to practice law in a US jurisdiction
  2. State bar membership and eligibility to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  3. Three years of experience as a practicing patent attorney

Preferred qualifications:

  1. Experience in strategic patent portfolio development
  2. Experience in drafting and consulting intellectual property provisions in commercial agreements
  3. Understanding of the internet and the architecture, software and businesses surrounding it
  4. Familiarity with codec patent licenses
  5. Strong interpersonal and team skills


If you’re interested in an opportunity above and meet the job requirements, please send your application documents via email to Resume must be included. Phone calls and in-person applications will not be accepted.