Marko Massinger

As the chief executive officer at BØR Consulting, Marko Massinger holds responsibility for business development, strategy and future intelligence. Previously he spent several years in management consulting and has been working in technology intelligence for more than a decade. 


Akinbiyi T. Olunloyo

Akinbiyi T. Olunloyo is responsible for establishing and implementing operations strategies. With a background in project management and international business activities, he coordinates and identifies current and new business affairs.


Sascha Girndt

As a management board member, Sascha Girndt is responsible for the areas of controlling, finance, legal & compliance. He has many years of experience in controlling and management in the security sector as well as in transnational media projects.


Gregory Alimikhena
CEO Lagos

Gregory Alimikhena is the head of the BØR Consulting Nigeria division. With his background in international law and his profound knowledge of the African continent, he is the backbone of the West Africa operations of BØR Consulting.


Ingo Brandenburg

Ingo Brandenburg is responsible for industrial engineering at BØR Consulting. Having worked for several market leaders, including managing and leading international pilot projects, he brings in decades of experience in construction and digital infrastructure.


George A. Macaulay

George A. Macaulay is well experienced in identifying market trends and client needs to create highly targeted customer solutions. He is responsible for supervising the international communication and the public relations of BØR Consulting.


charles alimikhena

As an expert in business and information technology, Charles Alimikhena holds responsibility for project-oriented operations. With vast experience and transferable skills from different organisations, he is able to adapt to various working environments. He supports and manages the initiation of projects and programs.